Jai Srimannarayana !!!

JET, Austin chapter is excited to invite you all for  a divine opportunity to participate in the 

Event : Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam on Saturday, March 2nd 2024 6:00pm

Venue: Austin Hindu Temple & Comm Center 9801 Decker Lake Rd, Austin, TX 78724 ( event is in MPRH )

Every dollar donated by the donors will be used to build the Statue of Union, a 90-ft divine Abhaya Anjaneya Statue. The Statue of Union is the largest Vedic Statue in the Northern Hemisphere and will be the 4th tallest Statue of any kind in the USA.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Note: The seating space is limited, Sponsors will be given priority to participate, and we will mail the registrants final instructions

( All Sponsors are requested to arrive at least 50 minutes before the event, please wear traditional attire, Men with angavastram and dhoti and women with saree)